Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Things Have Gone Off-Book

I think what really opened the door to her imagination was Legos.

Once we got her the Lego set, all of a sudden I was hearing her do multiple voices for different characters, and she started narrating what her characters were doing instead of telling me I needed to do better voices or telling me what to do.

Because she used to imagine with me, but along very set plotlines and only with well-established characters from her favorite shows or books. It was quite prescribed, and I wasn't really allowed to deviate from her expectations - which is the not-fun kind of imaginary play for creative types like me. It was a bit tyrannical.

But now she's making houses for rock monsters that feature disco balls and flowers, and making sure the T-Rex Legos have enough Lego guy heads to eat at snacktime. Things have gone off-book... way off book. In the best way. And she still likes using characters from the Lego movie, but is perfectly happy for one of the Lego guys who's just a robot in a dark suit to be Batman, and she fills in and adds other characters as she goes.

Best of all, the child can do it all by herself, now. She doesn't need or even necessarily want me there, except as occasional audience. I like to jump in and play, but I also really like to see her develop the skills to play by herself, because as an only child, she's going to need those skills. And I love that she surprises me all the time with what she creates. It's a wonder.

The snack pit for T-rex...

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