Thursday, July 3, 2014

Your True Colors are Beautiful

I recently made Maeve a new music mix for the car, partially because we bought some music from The Lego Movie that I knew she'd want to hear, but also because she's developing an appreciation for good music, so I thought I'd send some her way. She's also, it turns out, getting really good at learning song lyrics these days, so good thing I picked some solid lyrical stuff.

Yesterday while she was painting I caught her singing True Colors, which admittedly is the perfect painting song. I had picked it for her music mix because it's one of those good 'be yourself' songs, and in the next couple of years I think she could use that kind of affirmation..

I kind of almost teared up when I heard her sing it, because whenever I hear that song, I think of this amazing, beautiful moment created by the LA Gay Men's Chorus. This is totally worth watching through to the end because the family members of these guys start singing with them, and it makes me cry every time. It seems like every day we're getting closer and closer to a world that really does see everyone's beauty like a rainbow. And I love that.

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