Thursday, August 28, 2014

She's So Game for Anything

Something I really love about Maeve at this age is how she's so game for anything. I mean, not absolutely everything, but she is happy to accompany me to almost anywhere so long as I can make it sound reasonably fun. I don't have to deal with the teenage eyerolling and sighing and general unhappiness that happens when older kids don't want to go somewhere. I mean, she may stomp her feet and argue with me for a minute or two, but usually once we get in the car, she happy just to be going somewhere. I try not to take that for granted.

I took her yesterday to a physical therapy facility where Daddy's grandma is staying after her knee replacement, and I was just thinking how lucky I am that she's four and loves to go places with me. She bounced all over that facility like a bouncy ball with a smiley face painted on, and I could tell she was cheering up everyone as she went.

She was perfectly entertained by getting rides in Great-Grandma's super cool hospital bed, and by the assortment of hard candies at her bedside, for a whole half an hour or so. Plus we got to wear badges and ride in an elevator, that's really plenty of amusement for a kid her age.

I just wanted to remember this moment, how grateful I was to have my daughter with me, happy and uncomplaining. She can be such a little ray of light some days.

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