Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What a Crazy, Overwhelming Week!

So, I was still overwhelmed yesterday, and exhausted. See, Monday night, Daddy and I attended an evening wedding downtown, and yesterday morning I had a funeral to sing at, and in between those two, we lost Robin Williams. Also, it was our anniversary yesterday. If that seems like a lot to deal with, well, it really was.

I just didn't have anything to say yesterday. Or I had too much. But either way, I didn't feel like I could write. I even missed my Get Born posting day - also yesterday. I don't think I've ever done that before. But I was just totally overwhelmed.

Today all I have to do is be a super annoyed customer with my mechanic, which is not a difficult role to play, because I AM super annoyed. And they are soon to not be my mechanics anymore, but they need to fix the thing they screwed up, first. For free. And somehow give me a ride home because they told my husband they would.

I'm much better at being a compliant customer, but today I have to show these guys how annoyed I am. They are very nice, and they love Maeve, and I'll have her with me, so I will have to figure out how to demonstrate to them how pissed off I am without upsetting Maeve or being a jerk. How? I don't know, I'll figure it out. I'll just have to, very calmly and nicely, tell them that I am fed up with the repair situation and I expect it to be settled for good, today.

Countdown to our big anniversary date is on, I just have to deal with this week for three more days. Today, the car. Tomorrow should be a fun day at the museum, and Friday is my semi-annual dental cleaning. But I can do this. Three more days, and then a whole day of shopping, eating, browsing, and chatting with my honey. Game on.

The dog is a blur because he was meticulously licking Maeve's arm - snuggles for the win!

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