Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Don't Care About You

Mom, I don't care about you anymore.

Yup, I got that one last night because I had tucked in her new scorpion toy, Clawbo, incorrectly. News flash, tucking in scorpions wrong is one way to lose the care and love of your four year old. At least for sixty seconds or so.

I said, Wow, that really hurts my feelings. Do you still love me?

Yes, I just don't care about you anymore.

Because I didn't tuck in Clawbo right?


Then after I sang her the first lullaby, she relented.

I guess I do care about you, Mom.

Well, thanks, honey. Can I finish singing to you?


You know your kid is really pulling out the big guns when you hear that one, so I guess Clawbo's bedtime routine is pretty high on Maeve's list. Either that, or she hasn't figured how to strategically use that 'big gun' and is just aiming it all over the place. Yeah, probably that.

I am glad she still loves me, though. Sheesh.

That face!

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  1. man, I still feel awful about all the times I told my mom I hated her. kids brains are ridiculous -- how can they be so smart and so awful all at the same time?? my nephew (8) is in the "I hate you" phase and that makes me uncomfortable too. his parents deal with it well, imo =)