Friday, August 15, 2014

Getting a Move On, Daily

You know what I like about jogging with Maeve and the dog? There are a lot of good things about it, despite it being pretty hard to juggle sometimes.

For one thing, it goes faster, and Maeve doesn't have a chance to dawdle, stop and inspect rocks and anthills, or stop to readjust her shoes every few feet. And faster can be good, last time we jogged right past a near-deceased bunny who had been hit by a car; I was grateful that neither Maeve nor the dog got a good look at it.

I like how it helps Patches and Maeve avoid trying to meet every person/jogger/bicyclist on our path; Maeve loves to introduce herself to people and start giving them all the details of her day. Patches, too, would love to give everyone on the sidewalk and creek path a shakedown/sniffing/thorough investigation. But when we breeze past them, we get to take a pass on all of the translations and apologies I have to make for the two of them.

Not to mention it helps wear out all participants; not that I needed help with that, but it's nice to have Maeve and the dog as tired as I am, at least for a few minutes. So maybe we'll do it again today.

On a walk with me - not on a jogging day.

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