Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yesterday My House was Quiet

Just as I suspected yesterday, Maeve rocked the heck out of her first day. No trouble with the dropoff, just a peck on my cheek and a BYE! And then the house was quiet for two hours. I mean, whoa. It was a beautiful thing, more beautiful even than I expected.

Even though it was pretty hot out, the dog and I took a decent run, I got a shower, I read a book in bed like some kind of fancy rich lady, it was dreamy. I even got the dishes done without Maeve standing around complaining about how long it takes me to do the dishes. Seriously, dreamy.

And I will never know what happened between when I dropped her off and when I picked her up because according to Maeve, everything she does at school is a secret. So, maybe she's in a CIA preschool and I didn't know it. What are those ladybugs hiding?

But she was so happy to see me when I got there, and threw her arms around me for a real, spontaneous hug, which is something she can be a little chary with most of the time. So if more school means more hugs, I am on it.

We are seriously considering seeing if there's space for her to attend 4 days a week because she loves it so much. We'll see!

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