Friday, September 19, 2014

Every Quarter of an Inch

It seems like every quarter of an inch
she adds to her height
is a reminder to me:
Mom, every day I'm growing
and I won't always be four.

I will keep gaining on you
until I overtake you
and then I'll be doing my own
laundry and not need your
kisses on my boo-boos.

I will never not need you
because we all need our mothers
but the way I need you will change.

It will be an eye to eye kind of need,
an arm around the shoulders,
as every inch adds confidence,
knowledge, decisiveness.

And the fact that she's growing
at the rate of an inch a year
only drives the message home
that much more clearly.

I, and every other mother in the world
wish I could somehow slow it down
just a little. 

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