Thursday, September 18, 2014

Maeve's Letter to Santa Claus

Yep, Maeve wrote her letter to Santa yesterday. I figured, it couldn't hurt, that way I'd know if she had something on her mind for Christmas. As it turned out, she just wanted to tell Santa how wonderful he is and how much she loves him, which is pretty sweet.

I tried to clarify whether she meant clothes FOR her ponies or clothing for herself with ponies on them. She was not so clear, so maybe we'll aim for both.

She drew him a snowman at the bottom of the page, then insisted I draw the face and arms, so I did. But the circles are all hers.

She really impressed our mail delivery person when she handed him the letter and asked him to be sure and get it to Santa Claus. He told her she'd for sure get what she asked for since she got in her request so early. But people, there are only 97 days until Christmas, that's just over 13 weeks. And if you think that's a lot of time, you are wrong!

I kind of poked and prodded to see if there was anything else she wanted, but she really couldn't think of a single thing. What a wonderful age she's at!

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