Thursday, September 4, 2014

It is Fall, My Friends!

Yesterday was our last day of 90 degree weather for the summer. (NPR weather, please be right about that!) Also, I bought candy corn yesterday, so I'm calling the game: it's officially fall now, people. So get out your sweaters, put away your shorts, and make some cider already!

Daddy was explaining to Maeve yesterday that fall would be my favorite season if it had Christmas in it, and, well, he's right about that. I love fall very, very much and in all ways. Really, if it had Christmas, it would be perfect. As it is, it has Thanksgiving AND Halloween, which is pretty wonderful, actually.

So, I'll wait till the 21st to put out my fall decorations here at the house, but I am changing the blog background today. Yup, no need to wait any longer here. I'm already thinking about all the important fall events: family pictures, Halloween costume ideas, fall family crafts, who's invited to Thanksgiving... it's all in my brain right now. Not to mention Christmas shopping.

We're off to the zoo today to enjoy this gorgeous weather and all the animals! Happy fall, everyone!

Fall has always been one of Maeve's favorites, too.

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