Friday, September 5, 2014

Maeve and I Were Walking

We had a wonderful time at the zoo yesterday, but I also got some darling pictures of Maeve and I taking the dog for a walk in the afternoon. Since I already shared the zoo pics on Facebook, I thought this would be a good place for pictures of the walk.

Despite my absolutely begging her not to, and telling her I would not at any point hold it for her, Maeve brought an umbrella on our walk yesterday. I admit that it looks super adorable, I just didn't want to end up wrangling Patches' leash and holding an irascible umbrella at the same time.

Good heavens, sometimes I see how impossibly lanky my daughter is. Those limbs are all soooo long! But she's so stunning, that's mostly what I see. These are the dead trees we like to play at on our walks sometimes. Maeve loves to climb them and become Queen of the Trees. We also like to observe the ecosystem around them, how they are of use to insects and animals even now that they give no shade.

I adore her silly face in this one, she's really working on that crazy look! But her 'cute' face in the bottom picture is pretty good. Sometimes it's hard to quit the silly and look cute, but she managed it.

I said, give me an adorable face! And this is what I got. She must know I adore her face no matter what.

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