Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Incredibly Well-Behaved Kid

I'll tell you what, I'm still totally amazed. Maeve did what I had previously thought to be impossible yesterday: she behaved herself through hours and hours of waiting.

Her own dental checkup went easily and quickly, with no cavities! Then, in the afternoon, we accompanied her dad to his wisdom teeth removal, for which we had to sit in a not-very-kid-friendly waiting room for more than an hour. I had grabbed some books, and her had her stuffed croc Chompers with her, but that and a bin of megablocks was all we had to entertain ourselves with.

Not only did she do just fine, she also didn't complain or cause any problems at all. Angel child.

Next we had to stop off at Walgreens on our way home to get Dad's prescriptions, and the place was jam packed. Even though his prescriptions had been called in, we still had to wait a half an hour or so to get them. Again: no begging me for things, entertaining encounters with strangers (Chompers is, unsurprisingly, a biter), and no trouble or acting out of any kind.

After we got Dad settled at home, we had to dash off to my ensemble choir rehearsal, where it turned out there was no babysitter, as I had planned. So Maeve sat, in rehearsal with me, and STILL behaved herself. She kept herself busy with the tablet for the first half an hour, then ran around the sanctuary with an umbrella and sunglasses for the second half hour, but still quiet as a mouse and no problems. She did tap me on the shoulder a few times while I was singing to ask for help, but all very nicely and quietly. Who is this child?

Anyway, I'm super proud of my daughter, and plan to let her run around the zoo like a hooligan today to make up for it.

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