Thursday, October 2, 2014

Maeve and Halloween Prep

Now, you might question our sanity, but we showed Maeve Nightmare Before Christmas last night. We did some judicious skipping so that she didn't have any run-ins with the terrifying Oogie Boogie character, but since she is a great lover of all things "spooky", we thought it was worth it.

She had one of those first viewings that mostly consisted of her staring slack-jawed at the screen, but since she's still four, she had many questions in between. Is he a skeleton? Is that a mummy? Is that dog a ghost? Where is Jack going? Why does he feel sad? 

And even though we skipped major portions of the film to avoid it being too scary, Maeve seemed to eat it up. She asked to watch it again this morning, to which I said no, but she will be allowed to watch it again a few times before Halloween.

Daddy tried to explain to her about how it's all made from clay puppets, but she was super unimpressed with this information. I think it's probably too much for her to consider, the plot and characters and setting of a new movie AND how it's made.

We decorated for Halloween yesterday, not too much, but a few little things here and there. So, welcome October, we're ready for you!

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