Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Short Hair on my Daughter

It's happened twice this week, now that her hair is so short, my little flower is being mistaken for a boy again.

She hasn't noticed, I don't think. If she has, she hasn't said anything to me.

She probably doesn't care at all, although she would be the first to loudly correct anyone who was 'being wrong' just on the basis of wrongness, not insult or injury.

Do I care?

Well, so far, not enough to correct anyone, though I had the impulse both times. I felt a little kick in my guts that said, SHE'S A GIRL! but not a big enough one that actually made me say so. I did answer both men who mistook her with a 'she' in my response, just to be perfectly clear.

I think the only reason it bothers me is that Maeve identifies as a girl, through and through. And as a four year old, gender is an important concept to her. She thinks two of the My Little Ponies are boys based on their behavior (they're not) and is always pointing out to me the gender of her friends. And because she IS a girl, in herself, I want everyone to recognize that, no matter how short her hair.

It's just another one of those things I'll have to grin and bear, I'm sure. We both love her hair this length and won't be changing it to suit anyone else. So I'll keep on using female pronouns and hope people eventually catch on.

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