Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Little Girl in Class

It was my first time volunteering in Maeve's classroom yesterday. I was feeling excited and nervous enough that I made sure my outfit was super cute, for the purpose of adding a little confidence. I worked on a little filing project, chatted with the other mom who came to volunteer day, helped the kids make handprints, and watched my little girl in the classroom.

I noticed that she's very keyed in to what the teachers said. She's very focused and follows directions well. A few times she got off track, let astray by the proximity of other kids, who she wants to touch and engage with, or if she thinks she's done the activity for long enough, she just kind of stops doing it.

She doesn't dance with as much abandon as the other kids, she doesn't sing loud around them yet. But I think part of that is being there just twice a week, since most of the class is there 4 days. She just doesn't know everyone well enough to let loose around them like that, not yet.

I really liked what I saw, though. She participated, listened, and interacted with other kids in ways I would have only imagined her doing, months ago. It was wonderful to see how much she's learned in just a month.

Too cool for school ;)

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