Monday, September 15, 2014

Maeve, Agog at the Planetarium

Maeve loves going to the planetarium so much, I almost don't want to take her to the movie theater.

Not that I have any plans to, anytime soon. There are no movies I want her to see in the theater coming out this year at all, so there are no imminent plans. But I think part of why she loves the planetarium is the thrill of them turning off the lights and watching something on a big screen.

I mean, obviously the planetarium is way cooler because the screen takes up the whole ceiling and you get to learn about space. That's for sure. But bringing Maeve there? It's like taking the kid to Disneyland, every time. Her whole face lights up and her body radiates pure happiness. She clings to my arm with excitement and a little fear of the darkness, and bounces up and down.

I wish I could have captured her face throughout the 23 minute program. She was agog. Eyebrows raised, pointing at all the moons and comets flashing past. It was obviously so thrilling for her.

I don't know if she will always love it, but I'm so grateful to get to be with her now, while she feels this way. What a gift.

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