Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Great Grandma and her 90th

I have written before about Maeve's great-grandmother Elenore, from whom Maeve's middle name came. Elenore turned 90 on Sunday, so Maeve and I took some time yesterday to go visit, and bring her a card, some lunch, and some cookies.

At first I was worried because Great Grandma didn't return my call. I always call before I come, to make sure she's still feeling up to a visit (just watching Maeve run around wears her out!) and yesterday she wasn't picking up her phone. After a few calls around to family, she called me back and confessed she hadn't heard the phone ring at all. Her deafness is kind of intermittent and yesterday was pretty bad.

So Maeve and I made gingerbread cutouts, which I always love the finished product of, but I really hate making. Messy, sticky, flour, and uncooperative dough. Sigh. But we got them made and they turned out pretty cute. I let Maeve decorate some of them with candy corn, too, although she was disappointed when the candy corn melted in the oven.

We took the gingerbread, some Long John Silvers' (which Elenore loves) and Maeve's homemade card down to Great Grandma's around lunchtime. Maeve made her usual rounds, played outside, had an exchange with the elderly Cockatiel, and generally looked for the limits of what she could touch, turn on, or move.

I always enjoy talking to my grandmother, especially on her less-deaf days when it's easier to communicate. Last time we were over, she sighed contentedly and told me that life was so good. I hadn't really heard her say anything like that before, so it struck me. I hope when I am 90, dealing with whatever diseases come my way by then, that I feel the same way. My grandmother has amazing spunk, if nothing else, and Maeve certainly came by hers naturally.

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