Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bad Vertigo Day

Yesterday around 2pm I started getting that awful, whooshy feeling in my head. My environment started rotating around me in a most disconcerting way, and I was forced to keep my head as still as possible.

It's pretty hard to explain that to a four year old, but I did my best. Maeve sweetly guided me around the house, holding my hand to help me stay steady, and made me stick a big popsicle stick in my mouth to prove I was sick. That seemed to do it for her. She was a big help, running to get things for me or turn lights on, etc. But I was stuck on the couch, basically, from two to six.

Luckily, Daddy sent the okay for us to get pizza delivered, so Maeve and I just hunkered down and watched both Despicable Me dvds, then Ice Age, and had some pizza. I even managed to give her a bath, while resting my head on my bed most of the time. All in all, I pretty much totally rocked that vertigo spell, and I'm proud of myself.

Thankfully it wore off about 80% after I put Maeve to bed, and I got pretty decent sleep and feel well this morning. I shall knock vigorously on wood and hope it does not return!

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