Thursday, November 6, 2014

Teddy Bear Facts

Maeve told me the following facts about her teddy bear yesterday:

He has three babies, Junior, Sadie, and Lady. (the names of her grandparents' dogs, just by coincidence).

He takes his babies swimming every Tuesday and they eat Halloween candy afterwards.

He is actually one of the babies, himself. He's Junior.

Junior eats leaves, grass, and berries. He only takes a nap on Mondays. He likes to look at the sky to see if it's going to snow, and the ground, to see if it has snowed. He's very excited for Christmas.

Junior likes to look at milkweed pods to see if there's any fluff left inside. He likes tumbleweeds even though I wouldn't let him carry one around yesterday. He likes to rest in tunnels or caves.

And he really wanted an ice cream sandwich when we got home yesterday.

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