Friday, December 5, 2014

Disney on Ice!

Somebody in our house is still sleeping because she was up till nine last night at Disney on Ice!

Getting to go anywhere with her godmother and grandmother and I all in one night is pretty exciting for Maeve, let alone to see Disney characters ice skate. I'm not sure if she knew quite what she was getting into, and she's her mother's daughter, refusing to yell things when the characters told her to. (I hate being bossed around by strangers, too) But she seemed entranced.

We were given tickets to four very good seats for free by a good friend, which is why we went in the first place. And do NOT even get me started on the insane consumerism these events entail. I watched a couple in front of us purchase $30 worth of snow cones for their two children... yes, fifteen dollars apiece, just because the cup lit up. Holy mackerel.

And Maeve did a good job trying to resist the impulse to ask for too many things. She really wanted one of those snow cones, too, and was put out that she didn't get one, but she gave up fighting about it pretty quickly, so I grabbed her a churro on our way out... which was only $3.50. Seemed like a bargain and I was proud of her for such good behaviour, so late at night.

She crashed so hard in the car that she didn't really wake up when I carried her up to her room, and I've never really seen her that tired before. I'll have to ask her this morning what she thought of the whole thing. But it was pretty magical, I enjoyed it, too.

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