Monday, December 8, 2014

We Do Santa Claus

We do Santa Claus.

Not in any big, ostentatious, Santa all over everything way, but Santa is the spirit of generosity, and there is a lot of him about at Christmas. And Maeve definitely believes in him for now. 

Last night, she got to stand next to him, and tell him what she wanted for Christmas.

As we stood in line, I asked her one last time: you definitely want to meet Santa tonight? And tell him what you want for Christmas? She was basically jumping up and down at that point, so her answer was a definite yes.

Then as we stood in front of him, she definitely wanted Daddy to come with her. As we expected. But she did manage to stand with Santa Himself for a picture. When he asked what she wanted, she claimed not to know. And she hasn't told me anything, either, except that letter to Santa where she asked for pony clothes. Maeve isn't the kind of kid that has a list of things she wants... I like that about her.

She really wanted me to tell Santa that I want a ukulele for Christmas, but I told her he already knows that.

But after her quick photo op, we left the North Pole (at the Denver Zoo Lights) and she was very happy. On the way home, she told us, I met the real Santa! And we said, Wasn't that amazing?

And it was.

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