Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Time for Sleep!

On Saturday night, Daddy spent the night in Maeve's room. It was a special Daddy-daughter sleepover which he'd been promising for awhile, so even though he'd been sleeping in a hotel bed for a week, he managed to eke out a few hours of sleep on Maeve's floor, just for love.

I sang them both a lullaby, and we all joined in on the ABCs, and I kissed them both and said good night. After I left the room, this is apparently what happened, according to my husband:

Sleepover in Maeve's room so far:
Dad, you need to give me one of your pillows so we can sleep better. 1+1 is three... That's how many pillows I need. Time for sleep!
Dad, there are no creepy crawlies in the closet. Time to go to bed!
Dad... We need to put blankets over our heads so we can sleep better. Scoot down and do it now. Good night!
*knocks on her bedframe* Dad, Dad. You need a stuffy for bed. Here's beary-bear. Good night!
Dad... I have my blanket here and he wants to talk to beary. *I hold up bear* Bear, we need to be quiet and go to bed. Goodnight!
*knock knock* Dad... I'm really super excited about singing with Mom at church with the Christmas songs. I just needed to tell you that. Good night.
And many more... She may be a bit excited.

Oh, I wish I'd been a fly on the wall in there that night! But I might have passed out with cuteness overload.

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