Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's December Again!

What I wrote about Heather yesterday had to be written; it was pressing on me.

But what I really wanted to write about was this: It's December!

It's finally here!

I love December in a mighty, all consuming way. It's snowy, it's time to decorate with lights and greenery, it's time to sing together, share food, and celebrate my birthday, the solstice, Christmas, and a new year. I mean, really? Could you pack more happiness into this month if you tried?

I know this season isn't happy for everyone, but it is for me. Not even all the deaths and sorrow of last month can ruin it for me this year. We are taking the daily chocolate out of the advent calendar and decorating the felt Christmas tree, the real tree is up, the lights are on, and the whole world has a halo around it, a glow of contentment. That's what it looks like from my perspective.

I can tell Maeve likes this time of year, too, and not just the free chocolate. She keeps asking me if Christmas is tomorrow yet... it's hard to explain these things to her, although she is almost starting to grasp counting down the days.

While we rode in the car yesterday, Maeve said, Mom, we have SO MUCH to do today!
I asked her, like what, kiddo?
She said, like, we have to eat EVERYTHING!

I think she gets the plan for this season!

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