Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nice People Say Hi

Is it possible that Maeve keeps on saying cute and hilarious things just because she knows it's hard for me when Daddy is gone? Or is it just that I'm doing a better job noticing because my focus is more on her right now, as we spend these long days together? I'm not sure.

I noticed yesterday that once when she made me laugh, she immediately wanted to do something else that had made me laugh the day before. I think she understands the powerful feeling of making mommy laugh, how intoxicating it feels to cheer up the lady in charge.

Take this conversation, for example.

Maeve had just started chatting with a strange man on the creek path yesterday, who turned out to be very nice. I decided I needed to talk to her about talking to strangers, and we started having a conversation about how not all people are trustworthy, and how she needs to check with Daddy or I before interacting with strangers. I could tell this was a hard sell, Maeve believes all people are good. I like to believe in the intrinsic value of life and the possibility for personal change, too, I just don't want my daughter to be kidnapped.

Anyway, she summed up our conversation this way, after we passed a biker who said Hi to her when she greeted him on the path: Mom, nice people say, Hi! Bad people say, I want to steal your money!

I got a good laugh out of that one. What a kid.

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