Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dressing Herself

 I am amused when people ask me if I let Maeve dress herself.

I mean, yes, OBVIOUSLY I let her dress herself, people. I would not pick out this outfit in a million years. I do not have this kind of sweet style; mine is more understated and simple. Well, a lot of things are more understated and simple than my daughter's taste in clothes, frankly, so that's not saying much. But please, can't you tell I let her dress herself?

I understand that to some parents, their kids' appearance is important to them, and they want their kids to look just so. But I get a thrill out of seeing what miraculous thing my child is going to put on this morning. It's kind of a trip. So that's the kind of parent I am.

So when you see my kid running around in rainbow leggings and a polka dot dress with plaid socks, don't ask me if I let her dress herself. I get a thrill out of seeing what she'll pick out today!

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