Monday, January 5, 2015

January is the Hardest

Feeling a little blue in January is normal. -Marilu Henner

January is easily the hardest month of the year for me. No fun holidays to speak of, Christmas is over with a distressing finality, and my parents leave for England once again.

One good thing: my husband isn't taking an 11 day long trip this January, that was making my Januaries totally unbearable before. Now I feel like I can handle this month better, with my sweetie home with me the whole time.

Today I will say goodbye to my parents until this summer, which is much better than our goodbye last year, knowing it would be twelve months before I saw them again.

I've decided to try and jazz up my January by picking a date to celebrate Patches' birthday (since he turns one this month sometime, and no one but his mommy knows exactly when). I've lined up some fun social events, and even am considering taking Maeve to the Stock Show this year just for a change of pace.

We're going to meet my husband for lunch today in an attempt to improve my spirits today, too. But it's still the nadir of my year, right here, today, no matter how much I try to jolly myself out of it. And that's okay.

Yesterday, catching come excellent Mexican food with my folks.

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