Friday, January 23, 2015

Mommy Daughter Date

Sometimes as a parent you get stuck in the habit of doing the things you need to do, and forget to do unscheduled, fun things your kid loves.

Yesterday was not one of those days.

I wanted to do something special with Maeve yesterday, something she would love, without spending too much money or getting too crazy. So I took her to Build-a-Bear, using some money we earned babysitting last week.

Here's the thing about Build a Bear: it's a pretty special experience. I mean, maybe not if you take your kid in there weekly, but if you save it up for a rainy day, it's a doozy. Your kid gets to choose their stuffy, help add the fluff, add a special heart, give it a little grooming and a name... and accessories, if your purse is feeling especially heavy. I am not an advocate of going in there all the time, but it makes for a pretty special date, like Casa Bonita, without the indigestion.

So Maeve picked out a giant Pinkie Pie, and we had fun making her, and subsequently toting her around the mall. And I picked our most affordable, and consequently most fun, option for lunch and took my girl to McDonald's.

And you know what? Even though she got a lot of attention yesterday and got exactly what she wanted (minus the accessories), she was still really well-behaved and sweet. It's nice when you don't end up regretting doing something special with your kiddo.

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