Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fossils and Dino-wrecks

It may not be with quite the fervor contained in some households, but Maeve is pretty into dinosaurs. She has been for a long time, if you can think back to her first birthday party, which was dinosaur themed, and which she loved. Well, the dinosaurs, not the party, she kind of hated that party. But I digress.

Her latest fun dino activity has been excavating the dinosaur fossil kit her great-grandmother got her for Christmas. So far, we've dug up a claw (or tooth?) but are still digging in case something else is in there.

Look at those big-kid hands, I mean really. She is halfway to a paleontologist already! And she does still love to hear recounted the story of the Day All the Dinosaurs Died. I borrow heavily from Radiolab's version, which is insane, and you can check it out here: She also likes to hear how mammals, and eventually humans, evolved after that moment, which really can take awhile to tell.

Also, I discovered this ex-dinosaur this morning. I think Patches would have helped hasten the end of the dinosaurs if they had been chewy and delicious:

It used to be a brachiosaur. Tail, head/neck, and two legs missing.

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