Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pixie Cut Sweetheart

You know what I really appreciate? How everyone in Maeve's life doesn't criticize her (or me) for her short hair.

We went in for another haircut yesterday, since Maeve was starting to sport a shaggy, Beatles kind of look, and class pictures are happening tomorrow. She looked at the book of haircuts at the salon for some options, and flipped past all the 'girl' pictures, dismissing them as too long. Once she got into the boy section, it took her no time at all to find what she wanted, so we showed it to the stylist.

I appreciated, for one thing, that the stylist didn't act surprised or try to talk her out of it. Most hair stylists Maeve's had have been like that. They figure if I'm on board, then there's no harm in it, I guess. Or they can tell that this is exactly what she wants.

Maeve does get strange looks from other kids sometimes, and I've been asked by at least one older woman, "Is he a girl?" which seems like an odd way to phrase that question. I don't think it would bother Maeve, though, if she were asked by another kid whether she was a boy or a girl, I think she would just shrug and tell them.

I appreciate that our family members and friends don't complain to me about Maeve looking 'too boyish'. Maybe it's because I have an awesome family and friends, which is true. It helps, too, that short hair suits Maeve right down to her toes, and makes her so happy.

I mean, who can argue with this face?

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