Monday, February 9, 2015


Okay, well, I weighed myself again today.

I wasn't expecting much loss, because I didn't make any dramatic changes this week, just keeping up with my current efforts. I thought a pound or two would feel great.

I lost another four pounds last week... I am down nine pounds total so far!

It's funny, I don't feel any lighter. In fact, with all of the crazy mood swings our weather has had this last week, my joints are very sore, and I definitely don't feel any lighter. But I'm pretty sure the scale is telling the truth, so I'm trying to feel lighter on the inside.

It feels like... it feels like I'm actually gaining momentum. Like, maybe next week another 4 or 5 pounds will be gone? And could it be I could actually reach my goal weight in a matter of months? I don't really know, I'm certain there'll be a plateau or two in there somewhere. But right now it feels a little like getting to coast downhill on my bike. And weight loss has never felt like that to me before.

Soon I'll be keeping up with Maeve even better!

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