Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Enlightening Questions

It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question. -Eugene Ionesco

Here are some of the questions Maeve asked the various specialists and volunteers at the Museum of Nature and Science yesterday:

(to the astronomer):
Why is the sun made of gas?
Why does the sun look so small when it's really so big?
How far away is the sun?

(to the volunteer in the human body area, dissecting sheep hearts):
Why is the heart all red?
What would happen if blood flowed the wrong way in the heart?
What would happen if the body didn't get blood with oxygen in it?

(to the guy demonstrating different animal skulls):
Did the eyes go here? (in the eye sockets? yup!)
Where did the brain go?
What kind of food did this animal eat?
Why are the beaver teeth so big?

(to the woman demonstrating how whales eat):
Why didn't baleen whales evolve teeth?
How can something so big eat food that's so little?
What kind of food do killer whales hunt?

Seriously, you guys. Maeve could really be ten kinds of scientist. I love taking her to the museum.

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  1. Not just could be a scientist, but probably WILL be a scientist. That little lady of yours astounds me with how intelligent she is and I'm so proud of how wonderful you are with her. If I could half the mother you are to my boys that you are with Maeve I would be happy!