Monday, February 23, 2015

Mr.Toad Resemblance

Last night, I introduced Maeve to one of my most favorite childhood films, a claymation version of The Wind in the Willows. If you grew up watching this one, put it on again, if you get a chance. It's balm for the soul to see Ratty messing about in boats again, it makes you feel all's right with the world.

And I have a little sympathy for Toad of Toad Hall these days, after purchasing my very first BRAND NEW CAR and then not driving it for twenty four hours because of an awful blizzard. I felt like sitting in a chair with a plate for a steering wheel and crying POOP POOP like the old boy himself.

So far, I think Maeve's favorite part of the film is Toad, she loves how silly he is. And her favorite part of the new car is the heat vent that's in the back seat, upon which she can rest her feet and warm up! For me, the best bit is how safe it is. Taking her out on the road this morning, there wasn't a single slip, despite the slick roads.

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