Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sunshine and Love

I wrote about it on Facebook yesterday, but Maeve knocked my socks off yesterday when she clarified to me the meaning of You are my Sunshine.

She looked at me after she sang a few bars, and said, this song isn't about the sun, is it? I mean, the sun is just a big ball of gas. This song is about me, how you love me.

I was utterly breathless and bowled over at this point but I managed to communicate to her that she was right.

Then she cocked her head to the side, and said, It's about me, too, about how I love you. We love each other like we love the sun.

And then she went back to eating her peanut butter sandwich like nothing had happened. 

These moments, how can we live through them, as moms? You just nod, choke back the tears, and keep on doing the stuff. But oh my gosh, those feelings just don't go away. I've been singing that song to her since like her third day on the planet, but now she gets it. And reciprocates

More little miracles, all the time.

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