Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Vulcan Parenting

Yesterday was a difficult day, for reasons I don't need to go into here. Suffice it to say there was disappointment and frustration at our house, due to forces beyond our control.

And on days like that, it's really hard to shield your kiddo from those feelings. It's that kind of day that makes you wish you were a Vulcan parent, hiding all traces of emotion with ease. But life is just not like that, and our emotions rub off on our kiddos all the time.

I spent most of yesterday doing my best to play and have fun without letting my feelings spill over, but I did escape and call a friend for a little while. A very little while, because of course as soon as I got on the phone, hostilities broke out between Maeve and Patches.

But I did the business of parenting, because that's all you can do. We took a walk and splashed in puddles, we played out in the snow, we sent a letter and a drawing to my grandpa. And I'm going to call yesterday a success because Maeve seemed oblivious to any stress on my part. Good enough, anyway.

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