Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Drawing on Friendship

So maybe you're thinking to yourself, sure, Maeve is a mini-genius and all, but can she draw?

Well, the answer is, it's getting better. At school, she draws a picture every day that describes what she's going to do at whichever center she's chosen, and all that practice has improved her drawing dramatically. These days I can often tell what it is she's drawn, or at least whether it's meant to be a person or a flower.

Maeve is also very into Night at the Museum lately, especially the miniature characters Jedediah and Octavius (who Maeve calls Artevius, pretty close). She likes to have Daddy pretend to be Artevius and I pretend to be Jedediah, and she convinces us to be nice to each other.

That's where this work of art came from. It's Jedediah and Artevius making friends. See all the hearts?

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