Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gifts to Give

I had a mindblowing revelation last night, while chatting with my husband during the commercials of my favorite show. I mean, it was a life-changer.

My biggest problem with exercise is trying to find a reason to do it that doesn't make me feel like crap. Feeling guilty, feeling fat, feeling unworthy, these are all reasons I can get myself on the exercise train, but when I'm in a good headspace, it's all but impossible. If I make the mental effort to embrace my embraceable self, then I don't have any motivation to exercise. Tricky stuff.

But last night, I figured it out. I totally got it.

Now when I run or use my recumbent bike, I haven't been feeling awful at the same time, mostly because Maeve is usually with me. She jogs with me, and rides her rocking horse next to me when I'm on the bike. Because I'm not just exercising for myself anymore, I'm also doing it to give gifts to my daughter.

The gifts of a healthier mom, a healthy mindset about exercise, and even a love of exercising with friends.

So now I run without wishing I were different. I run without hoping for amazing body outcomes. I just do it because it feels good, it is good, and it's just one of my gifts to my daughter, and to myself.

And it makes both of us feel like champions.

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