Thursday, March 5, 2015

Family Sense of Humor

I want to record what Maeve's sense of humor is like right now.

Things are changing as she matures, definitely. It used to be that she only saw the humor of physical jokes, your basic pratfalls and pie-in-the-face. And don't get me wrong, she still loves that stuff. But she also is enjoying trying to tell jokes, and making her own funny language tricks.

I love the look she gets on her face when she didn't expect to make you laugh, but she did. That look usually indicates the thing is now going to happen over and over again, but I can live with that.

While my parents were here over Christmas, she definitely honed her knock-knock joke skills. Which is to say: she can now use the right words of a knock knock joke in the right order, not to say that she always gets what makes a joke funny and what doesn't work. She loves the orange you glad I didn't say banana joke most of all, but I tried to teach her Interrupting Cow, one of my faves, but she just can't swing the timing of it yet.

I can tell, though, that she really loves making us laugh. And it's a nice motivation for her to have, something other than how can I get what I want. She loves to surprise us and she loves getting a genuine laugh out of us.

Also: I like how we are developing a sort of family sense of humor. I forgot this was a thing in families, but I well remember all the running jokes we had when I was a kid. Now we get to do it all over again, and that's something to treasure.

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