Thursday, March 19, 2015

Maeve's Creativity

Last night I went to a very interesting discussion on encouraging creativity in children. The speaker showed us some of her most creative children's work, and it was really inspiring to see.

It made me consider what kinds of creativity Maeve is most comfortable with. She isn't much of a visual artist, or rather, it isn't a passion of hers. Of course, I'm her mother, I think everything she paints is pretty brilliant, but I usually have to talk her into picking up a brush.

I mean, her imaginative play is obviously very creative, and that's her biggest outlet for trying out new ideas. And through play, and just making up stories to pass the time, I can tell that she is a natural storyteller, and that stories help her understand and make sense of her life.

But if you were around her during the day, you'd also hear a near-constant humming and singing. She sometimes sings songs she knows, but most often she's making something up. She loves to grab my uke while I'm practicing and start making up songs and strumming for herself.

I have NO idea where she gets that...

A chip off the old singer's block

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