Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Break is Upon Us

Spring break. I did not know what a terror this was until I became a parent. As a student, I of course loved spring break. But oh my goodness, someone please take this child away for me for just one morning, please?!? I have things to DO.

Here's the worst part: Spring break doesn't start until next week. Maeve had a runny nose and a cough this week so I had to keep her home from school. So for me, Spring break is two weeks long and involves a kid who doesn't 'feel' sick and has lots of energy yet can't run around. 

I'm hoping she'll feel well enough to play with some other kids next week, at least it'll be warm enough for us to do some outdoor activities. But two weeks of having this kid home reminds me that summer is right around the corner, and I'll have her home all day every day for three months.
 Oh my. Time to start planning more activities.

Ok, yes, I let her play on the porch. Because otherwise she drives me nuts.

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