Monday, March 30, 2015

Seeing the Possibilities

Just an anecdote today.

Maeve went hiking with her godmother and I this weekend, and Miss B taught Maeve some important rock climbing tips as they tackled a few beginner rock piles. Maeve was pretty much giddy with joy for the whole hike, as she usually is around one of her favorite people.

As she clambered over the same rock pile she'd already climbed three or four times, she started making up a song about climbing rocks. It mentioned how one should always "see all the possibilities" while climbing, and the importance of "foot holes" (or foot holds, as Miss B was trying to teach).

In fact, she kept singing little ditties about the mountains, hiking, climbing, and various other germane topics for most of the morning. I turned to my friend and said, "She's not just like me at all." Miss B agreed, "Oh no, not just exactly like you." And we had a good laugh.

Sometimes it's nice to know you're rubbing off a little, in a good way.

Seeing the possibilities!

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