Friday, March 13, 2015

Tough Girls Hiking

Yesterday, Maeve and I took what is usually a pretty easy hike up in the mountains west of Boulder, but I hadn't taken into account the face that the mountain snow hadn't melted yet. At least, not all of it. And Maeve and I didn't wear boots, because neither of our boots are really meant for hiking.

So we ended up hiking through snow that was sometimes all the way up to Maeve's knees, and after more than a half an hour of difficult, downhill hiking in very deep, unpredictable snow, we were cold and tired. I couldn't carry her because I was having enough trouble balancing and not falling as it was.

She and I were both very tired and discouraged, as the trail seemed to be getting worse. But after a brief bout of communal whining, we both snapped out of it and decided to just keep going. And it seemed like as soon as we stopped complaining, the path got easier.

I was so proud of Maeve because I got to see how she reacted when the going got tough. After we got through it, I gave her a high five and told her we are some seriously tough girls! And I told her I was proud of her, although I think she could tell already.

This part was actually easy, compared to the knee-deep parts on the way down

Getting to the summit always feels great

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