Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Too Cool

I can tell Maeve really loved playing with Daddy's special Star Wars toys last night, just by the sheer number of adjectives she kept stringing together about it.

"These are too cool, special, awesome Dad toys!" And she kept muttering Too Cool to herself while she was playing. I got to hear her excellent ship-shooting noises, plus her R2D2 impression. And she made up a name for one of the Storm Troopers that was totally sci-fi sounding. It was something like Rutan. I was impressed, since making up sci-fi names is pretty tricky, especially for someone who hasn't even read any sci-fi novels.

She loved opening up the Millennium Falcon and letting the characters play in there; R2D2 even played checkers with C3PO. And at the end, she was playing with one of the extra-miniature figures and teasing Darth Vader by flying small spacecraft at his head. I was totally in stitches.

I'm only going to let these be played with when Dad is home because I frankly don't know how all these toys work, as far as doors, guns, parts that shoot off, etc, and I don't want Maeve prying a door off its hinges just because neither of us know how it works. But a toy you can only use with Dad around is really even more special. And too cool.

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