Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Year With Patches

Adopting a puppy was so much darned work, it really was. I told Daddy yesterday that unless a baby puppy shows up on our doorstep needing help, I don't want to get a puppy again.

Housetraining was not fun. Teaching him to walk on a leash was not fun. Trying to teach him not to destroy everything was also not at all fun. And having our things destroyed... well, I'm over it, let's just say.

But a year and ten days ago, this scared little puppy found his forever home. When I put him in this clothes basket, he was so afraid of everything. 

This was his first outing to the park, which was during the first week we had him. I had to carry him most of the way, and when I set him in the wood chips, he just stayed right there!

Aww, he was so little! Patches has always loved chewing on things. For example, he chewed most of the couch cushion he's sitting on in this picture. 

 Oooh that nose! This was on the day of his first snow at our house, and he loved it so much!

This is what I was thinking about this morning. We had just taken Patches to his first vet visit, and he really didn't like it. We hadn't quite gotten the bars to the right height to prevent his escape, so he jumped into the back seat and sat on Maeve's lap the rest of the way home. I figured he really needed the snuggle!

And this is our handsome boy now, just about a year later. He's finally calmed down some, not that you could tell by how he sprang out of bed at 5 this morning. But I'm still so glad we adopted him, every day. He's a great companion to Maeve and I, and even Daddy. Total sweetness.

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