Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Climbing High

Sorry for the lag between blogs, it's been either too eventful or too stressful lately, and sometimes I just run out of inspiration.

But today I am thinking about how brave my girl is.

Yet again, she climbed up on a bunch of things yesterday, all the while telling me she's afraid of heights. So I stayed close at first, wanting her to know I was right there. But once she'd climbed the thing once, she didn't need me at all, and kept hopping up and doing it on her own before I'd even noticed.

Yesterday she climbed a cement dragon and several trees, and I got some great shots of her up there.

This morning she reported to me that she had some scary dreams, but that she didn't mind that they were scary. She told me about fighting off tiny spirits and big skeletons, but in a lighthearted air, as she had triumphed over them so easily. This girl. She is so brave, even in her dreams.

I love that about her.

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