Monday, April 20, 2015

Let's Go Play!

One of the problems with having a young, active dog is that I always feel compelled to bring him to the park with us. Which is nice, but it means I can't play on the playground equipment with Maeve the way I used to. He doesn't put up with being tied up and I don't trust him not to gnaw on his lead, so I just hold it, but that means I can't swing on the swings, go down the slide, or really help Maeve climb a tree.

So I left Patches home with Dad yesterday afternoon, after a long morning for me at church, and took Maeve to the park, just the two of us.

She loved it, and kept hollering at me, COME ON, MOM! LET'S GO PLAY!

We got some serious swinging in, and we did that kid thing where you just go down the same slide over and over, which the Denver Museum of Nature and Science informs me is really good for young children's neural pathways. We climbed all the monkeybars and the climbing wall, and picked plenty of dandelions.

When we got home, I was pleasantly exhausted, and I was really glad that we took a little break from the dog to go have fun just the two of us.

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