Friday, April 3, 2015

What Do You Think?

Maeve asked me this week, as we left the dentist's office: Is the tooth fairy real?

Luckily, I know the answer to this. "What do you think?" I replied.

She said she didn't know because she's never seen her, and then she sort of listed all the facts she knows about the tooth fairy. I said, "That sounds about right to me."

Boy, am I glad I figured out that answer. Because she was also asking me about the Easter Bunny this week. Same question, same question-reply from me. She seems even more dubious about the Easter Bunny, and I don't blame her. A bunny delivering eggs is pretty sketchy. But she seemed to decide in favor of the bunny, because of the 'evidence' of all the eggs hidden in our yard, and the basket itself.

So at least for this year, I have a believer, which makes it all the more fun. But if, by next year, she's an Easter Bunny skeptic, that'll be okay, too.

Her first Easter <3

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