Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Maeve's Preschool Graduation

So, my darling girl graduated from preschool today. I won't say there was much pomp and circumstance, but the kids managed to behave pretty darned well for 18 kids under age 6.

When I came in, they were cleaning up from being in center time, and their teachers herded them over to the graduation wall. That's my kid there, making a fish face on the back right.

First they sang their Good Morning song, which was just cute as a bug.

Next came their rendition of Pete The Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons.

Lastly, they did some sign language to a song about 3 Bears and Goldilocks. Good stuff.

Then Ms. Tania and Ms. Tina introduced each of the children, told us a little about them, and read some of the answers they'd given in a little interview. Apparently I'm 78 years old...

She's right that I love asparagus, though I'm not sure what I'd do with an asparagus toy...

Then the kids all got to have snacks, and I snapped one more picture of Maeve with her little hat.

And that's it! Maeve has learned and grown so much in preschool, I can't wait to see everything she'll be tackling in Kindergarten. I was worried at first about leaving her, and wondered how she'd do in a classroom without me, but obviously there was nothing to worry about! One of my highlights today was seeing her volunteer to help her teacher when she saw she needed a hand. That's a great  thing to see.

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