Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer "Vacation"

The irony of this situation is not lost on me: Maeve has recently found a new cartoon to watch: Phineas and Ferb, the adventures of twin brothers trying to make their summer vacation more fun. And her summer vacation begins in just two weeks.

All of my previous summers with Maeve have been exactly like the rest of my days, so I didn't used to look towards summertime with anything but happiness for eating dinner on the porch and playing outside. 

But after having tasted the morsel of freedom offered me by Maeve's preschool attendance, I am now looking at Maeve's summer vacation, and feeling hungry. I'm going to miss those 4 hours I had to myself, definitely.

And I don't think Maeve is going to spend all summer outside making wacky inventions like her cartoon friends. So we'll have to think of something to do. A lot of somethings.

Like learning to skateboard...

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