Friday, May 15, 2015

Swinging Free

So Maeve hopped on a swing yesterday and started to pump her legs.

She went from zero to swinging, completely without my intervention.

And earlier this week, I noted on Facebook that I don't have to follow her around on the playground anymore, helping her communicate, be safe, be friendly to the new kids. I am done shadowing her, she just plays and does her own thing and only comes to me for snacks or if she falls down. Sometimes not even then.

She can reach the zipline thing and use it without my help.

I am now in the enviable position of being able to just sit and watch her play. Now, if it's just the two of us at the park, I still get to play with her, which I love. But as soon as another kid shows up, I am merely there to observe.

As with every single milestone ever, I feel giddy with freedom and hurty-sad in my heart at the same time. Every parent or person who has loved a child knows that ache, that pride. But I do just adore watching her grow and conquer old fears.

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