Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wild Animal Sanctuary Visit

Yesterday, just for fun, we went to the Wild Animal Sanctuary. It's this amazing place where large predators who were removed from bad living situations like circuses, private homes, crazy drug lords, etc, can come to live in more natural surroundings and with a group of similar animals.

They house a bunch of tigers, maybe fifteen or sixteen of them, and some of them appear to be friendly with each other. These two seemed to be interacting nicely. They mostly each have their own area although some of them share; we assume those are the ones who were raised together.

You probably can't see that one too well, it's taken in the black bear area. This particular black bear was on top of the cage for some reason, and it looked like maybe he had climbed up there without a plan for getting back down. We got a good laugh watching him try to figure it out, and he eventually did.

Here's one of the wolves; they had some excitement because someone's dog got loose (even though there are signs everywhere practically begging the guests not to bring dogs onto the property) and the dog was running past the wolf enclosure. Truthfully, the wolves had their tails held high and wagging, like they were hoping for a new friend to play with, but I would not like to have been that dog's owner!

After about an hour, though, Maeve had run out of good behavior and was tired, so we trucked it back toward the parking lot. It was so green and beautiful, and we loved seeing the sun after weeks and weeks of unusual rain around here.

I loved our time there, though, it's so cool to see all those animals and know what a wonderful life they have now. Also, don't you think that bear looks like it's patting/about to devour Daddy's head?

If you'd like more info about the Wild Animal Sanctuary and the animals they've rescued, check them out here:

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